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Fusion ProShield Manual Chill Cartridges (8 Count)



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The Gillette® 5 Blade Razor Chill blades are the next evolution in high performance grooming. These advanced cartridges feature lubrication BEFORE and after the blades to shield skin from irritation. CHILL technology delivers a cooling sensation during the shave. The thinner and finer blades are combined with Gillette’s most advanced low resistance coating to help minimize tug and pull and in turn increase glide. A multiple blade razor is ideal for many beard and skin types including thick, coarse hair.


  • Chill technology to deliver cooling sensation*
  • Lubrication BEFORE and after the blade
  • 5 blades with pivoting head and low resistance blade coating
  • Precision trimmer at back of the blade with anti-clogging rinse slots
  • Blade Stabilizer and Micro Comb


  • Lubrication BEFORE and after the blade shields skin from irritation during the shave.
  • Pivoting Head helps maintain blade contact to the contours of the face while low resistance coating helps to provide an effortless glide.
  • Precision trimmer at back of the blade for detailed shaving as well as hard to reach areas.
  • Each blade is separately stabilized to maintain optimal blade spacing in turn minimizing blade movement that can cause tug and pull. Micro Comb helps guide stubble into blades for a precision cut at the base of the beard hair.


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Changed a scarred shavers life!
March 17, 2016
Location:  Phoenix, AZ
I've never been a huge shaver as my skin is extremely sensitive and tends to break out with just the thought of touching my face with any type of manual blade. Gillette Fusion ProShield successfully changed my mind forever! The first time I used this razor I just knew there was going to be a nest of razor bumps to follow, and to my surprise I found none. This razor is specially designed to get angles you normally couldn't easily get. Due to its superb design it makes it extremely easy for the less skilled shaver (as in myself) to achieve a perfect shave each time. I have to admit that I thought the perfect shave was a one-time coincidence, but after using the razor over 10 times I achieved the same excellent results. The 5 razor blades remained sharp after plenty of usage and removed more hair from my face than using actual clippers. Overall this razor is AMAZING and I definitely have already recommended it to a ton of friends and family. Kudos to Gillette on this awesome product! [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]
Neat Razor, So-So on the blades.
March 16, 2016
Location:  Gainesville, GA
I'd seen the Flexball razor by Gillette in stores, and was intrigued by the cool motorized display. As a huge fan of gadgets, I was very tempted to buy one... but the cost of the handle and the replacement blades have always been a big turn-off. Thankfully, Gillette was kind enough to send me a free sample of the Fusion ProShield Chill Razor with the Flexball handle in exchange for an honest review. The handle is every bit as neat as it looked - using my fingers to carefully prod it this way and that - I was really impressed with how well it moved and I could definitely see how well it would follow contours. However, when I actually used it, I really didn't see it move very much. I found myself dragging the razor diagonally across my face unintentionally, trying to get it to flex. If I use the razor as I normally would to shave, I really didn't feel like it added much more than novelty value. The head pivoting back (which most nicer razors do) was more than enough to accommodate the curves around my jawline. I suppose if you were new at shaving, and didn't really know how to move your hand, it could be helpful. As far as the razor cartridges go... I'm really not all that impressed. In the picture I'm submitting is my "other" razor - one that I'm very happy with - and the type of razor that made "King Gillette" what it is today... the classic safety razor - a single blade, no-nonsense, workhorse. My first razor was a Gillette Sensor. I've also had a mach 3, and so on. The other side of it is cost and waste... Cheap double edge blades go for $10 for 100. Really nice ones are $7 for a 10 pack. These 5 bladed monsters are $3-$4 each! I could use the cheap ones and put a brand new blade in every day and come out better money-wise (and for me shave-wise as well). More Blades: I feel like more blades means you can shave farther on a single pass, but for me - It leaves me with ingrown hairs and irritated skin. It may be that I have thick, coarse hair, but I have better results with a single blade razor where I can adjust the gap and I just make light repeated strokes. One really big plus: Gillette realized that having a big flat pad full of blades made it near impossible to trim and added a single blade on the edge to shave around your sideburns, mustache, or whatever. When I started this review I had a beard, but shaved my neck pretty much daily - and that little single blade was the razor's saving grace. I am currently clean shaven, and had to give up using the thing because I just could not get a decent shave without ending up with ingrown hairs. The "Chill" and "ProShield" features: The chill is kind of neat, but it was really a lot less noticeable than I expected it to be. The effect is pretty similar to any of the menthol type shave gels out there. The ProShield part leaves some goo on your face, which I guess is good if you want to shave without using any kind of gel or cream... I use a quality shave soap - and while using it, I didn't notice any effect or benefit of these features over a standard 5 blade razor. I tried shaving with just water though - and I think it definitely helps there. One thing I didn't like was the kind of "slimy" feeling it left behind. In summary: As far as gimmicks go - this thing is amazing. As far as shave quality goes - It's great when compared to other multi-bladed razors, but not as good as a traditional safety razor (and no where near a nicely kept straight razor...). As far as the chill and the shield goo: I could take it or leave it. Who should buy this: Someone who already is happy using a multi-bladed razor, but wants to shave quickly without shave cream, and wants a high-tech looking razor with a lot of "neat" factor. Who should not buy this: People who have problems with multiple blade razors (the additional features won't fix that), and (probably) people with thick, coarse hair. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]
Wife Hijacked My Razor
March 16, 2016
Location:  Ann Arbor, MI
When Gillette offered to send me a Gillette Fusion® ProShield™ Chill Razor with Flexball™ Technology to try out, I made the mistake of showing it to my wife. She then decided she would take it for a test drive. Welp, it's all hers now. She claims the ball is wonderful around the knees. Guys, if you're looking for a razor that can get your wife excited about shaving her legs, give this one a try. It's significant other approved. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]
Still Love These! Smooth, Close Shave, No Irritation!
March 14, 2016
Location:  Clatskanie, OR
I am a huge fan of Gillette products, especially their razors. They always make great razors that are designed for effectiveness and comfort. This one is no different. The handle is easy to grip and hold and with the texture and design, it's less likely to lose your grip, even with wet hands. I loved the 5 blades. It really helps to get a close shave. Also the head moves as needed to fit the shape of your face, thanks to the Flexball, and there is a trimmer on the back so you can make sure you get an accurate shave. What's nice is the lubrication strip which helps to prevent razor burn. I have a goatee and shave often to keep it neatly trimmed. Sometimes I let it go a couple days and it is hard to shave because other razors don't work as well or dull faster. This razor stayed sharp and actually got more hair off in one stroke than others would have. It took me less time to shave and I had less areas of almost nicking myself. My skin and face are smooth and soft and my goatee looks trimmed and sleek. I did get to try this razor for free but these experiences and opinions are my own. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]
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    5 Blade Razor Manual Chill Cartridges (8 Count)

    5 Blade Razor Manual Chill Cartridges (8 Count)

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