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Black Fine Shaving Brush

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The Fine Black Shaving Brush is an essential key to achieving The Perfect Shave®. It generates a rich warm lather by retaining warm water to help soften the beard hair. Using a shaving brush to apply your shaving cream helps lift beard hair for a clean, close shave. A shaving brush also lightly exfoliates skin to help release trapped hairs.


  • Fine Badger Hair handmade by an artisan, featuring soft white tips
  • Has greater hair density than a pure shaving brush


  • Generates a rich and warm lather by retaining warm water to help soften beard hair.
  • Application helps lifts the beard hair for a close shave.
Rated 4.6 out of 5 by 101 reviewers.
Rated 2 out of 5 by Interesting new experience I have never used a brush before to apply shaving cream. It was quite nice. It made the shaving cream spread nice and evenly on my face. Some hair did fall out but I figured that was to be expected with use. It did create a rich lather. I'm not sure if I would continue to use the brush. Although it was soft and comfortable to use, I worried about how sanitary it would be going forward or how often it would last. January 7, 2015
Rated 3 out of 5 by Nice, but not for me I remember seeing my grandfather use a shaving brush when i was a child. Once i was old enough to shave the peach fuzz from my face i found it suitable to just splash water and shaving cream on my face prior to shaving. I used the Fine Badger Black Shaving Brush for one month, shaving at least once a week. The brush is made from 100 % badger hair, which i don't approve of, but that's another story. The brush is soft and made very well. I felt it to be awkward using something like this since i was so accustomed to shaving "my" way. I think this product would be better suited to someone familiar with using shaving brushes, rather than a younger, more impatient generation. Overall, i find the Fine Badger Black Shaving Brush to be great for most, but not for me. January 7, 2015
Rated 5 out of 5 by Badger is king! The brush is great! I've used other brushes, and this one is far superior to the badger brush I had picked up online for $10. It is firm, but very soft (if that makes sense). I loved it. Also - this brush sheds a lot less than the other brushes I've had. January 6, 2015
Rated 5 out of 5 by Shaving brush perfection The Badger Black Shaving Brush was simply put amazing. Ive used cheap brushes from convenience stores to boar brushes from oddly enough a local butcher shop that specializes in swine. Both aforementioned products took quite a bit of finagling to retain the amount of moisture the Badger Black Shaving Brush could after merely a few minutes under hot water. To get the same results with lesser products it would take an entire shower to reach nearly the level and even then there was the messiness of sloshing wet bristles everywhere working up a lather. Why should you get one? Because the Badger Black Shaving Brush actually does have benefits of your standard synthetic and boar brushes. The bristles are softer allowing for the richer thicker foam as apposed to the weaker lather created by boar brushes for example. The bristles tend not to break off constantly at least from my experience, often boar brushes bristles break off and create a sensation as if you have swathed your face in straw. If you have done any measure of research on wet shaving it s not just hype a Badger Black Shaving Brush could make all the difference in your daily shave. January 6, 2015
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