Chelsea Collection Fusion Razor

Chelsea Collection Fusion Razor

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Product Description: The Art of Shaving Chelsea Collection Razor is a sleek, detailed and utilitarian addition to our line of Fusion Collection razors. Featuring a matte black finish with fluted metal gripping, this razor brings to life the spirit, social diversity, art and bold views of the Chelsea neighborood in Manhattan, New York. The nickel plated accents boldly blend traditional and modern style to create this exclusive razor handle for The Art of Shaving.

-Properly weighted and balanced handle
-Matte black finish with fluted metal gripping
-Nickel plated accents
-Fits all Fusion Cartridges
-Base handle is 5.5 with a ½ diameter. Full length of the razor is 5.9

-Properly weighted and balanced handle acts as a natural extension of your hand to help minimize the need to place pressure on the face.
-Matte black finish with fluted metal gripping provides a clean, masculine style.
-High quality nickel plated accents add classic details to a modern handle

Mastering the Straight Razor Shave is an art, for hygienic purposes sales of The Art of Shaving Straight Razors are final
The Perfect Shave Awaits

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