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Chelsea Collection  Shaving Brush

Chelsea Collection Shaving Brush

Item# 00670535713654
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The Chelsea Collection Shaving Brush seamlessly combines distinctive aesthetics with traditional brush making to create a timeless shaving tool worthy of proud display. Featuring a matte black finish with polished nickel accents, our designers boldly blend tradition and modern life inspired by the spirit of Chelsea*.


  • Handmade Fine Badger Brush
  • Matte black finish with polished nickel plated accents
  • Fits the Chelsea Collection Razor Stand only
  • Handle is 1.5 in length, 1.25 in diameter. The total brush measures a little over 3.5


  • Fine Badger brush is handmade to preserve the soft white tips of the natural badger hair. Retains warm water to deliver a warm lather. Lightly exfoliates skin and helps lift beard hair to deliver a close shave.
  • Matte black finish with polished nickel plated accents combine a modern touch with a traditional shaving tool.
The Perfect Shave Awaits

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