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Fusion ProGlide Manual Cartridges (8 count)

Fusion ProGlide Manual Cartridges (8 count)

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The Gillette® Fusion® ProGlide™® razor helps provide a high performance grooming experience. The thinner and finer* blades are combined with Gillette's most advanced low resistance coating to help minimize tug and pull and in turn increase glide. A multiple blade razor is ideal for many beard and skin types including thick, coarse hair.


  • 5 blades with pivoting head and low resistance blade coating
  • Precision trimmer at back of the blade
  • Blade stabilizer
  • Snow Plow Comfort Guard with Channels


  • Pivoting Head helps maintain blade contact to the contours of the face while low resistance coating helps to provide an effortless glide.
  • Each blade is separately stabilized to maintain optimal blade spacing in turn minimizing blade movement that can cause tug and pull.
  • Snow Plow Comfort Guard with Channels allows shaving cream to flow through the channels in order to maintain blade contact with the skin and in turn a close shave.
The Perfect Shave Awaits

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