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The Lexington Collection Power Razor combines craftsmanship and design with the control and performance one would expect from a quality shaving implement. This exclusive New York inspired design features bold chrome-plated accents, a black satin aluminum finish, and a sleek cat-eye LED power indicator. Experience outstanding closeness and comfort, with Flexball technology that pivots over the contours of your face and soothing micro-pulsations help to improve razor glide. The razor is designed to fit with all Fusion family blades.


  • Flexball helps enable 23% closer contact to skin for a smoother shaving experience (as compared to ProGlide® razor handle without Flexball
  • Distinctive black satin finish with chrome plated accents over zinc.
  • 1.57 L x 5.9 H, 56 grams


  • Flexball responds to the contours of the face for maximum blade contact helping you shave off the grid areas of the face (such as the jaw line). This allows for a cleaner, closer shave with less strokes needed.
  • Micro-pulsations help reduce friction and increase razor glide.

Battery Usage Information:

  • Remove battery when vibration slows or ceases. Do not leave depleted battery in device. Replace batteries only in a dry environment.
  • Dispose of batteries in accordance with local regulations.
  • If a battery leaks, wipe device clean with a damp cloth and wash hands. If any material gets into the eyes, contact a doctor immediately.
  • Keep batteries away from children. If swallowed, consult a physician at once. For information on treatment, call 202-625-3333 collect.


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A really nice shave
July 26, 2016
Location:  Watchung, NJ
The best shave yet. May be overpriced but it does not disappoint.
Best bald-head shaver
July 18, 2016
Location:  Grand Rapids, MI
Evenly weighted, smooth swivel, and a clearly better option than all store'bought rotating head shavers and even dollar shave razors. The bigger handle actually helps reach the tougher place on the back of my scalp and I've noticed fewer places to "re-do" after the first shave.
Quick, & Smooth! Feel the Power
January 25, 2016
Location:  Danbury
Simply put, this razore delivered on every aspect. The shave was comfortable, and quicker than normal. i first tried the razor in store and i could really feel the difference as the Shaving Consultant explained it to me. Thinking it migh have been a placebo, i bought one but remained skeptical. Once i got it home, and it incoprated it into my daily outine, i was able to see it wasn't all hype.
Lexington Flexball Power Razor
October 27, 2015
Location:  Phoenix, AZ
Age:  55to65
This is the most elegant contemporary razor, sleek design, chrome accents, and a smooth flat black handle that fits my hand perfectly! Like fine art its costly but performs better than its mass production ProGlide razor. When used with shave oil and shaving cream the razor glides through the beard with ease and delivers the finest, smoothest shave a man can get especially with the flexball design which moves the blades in the direction of your face. Treat yourself to something special, only a barber could shave you closer! Maybe! Lol
  • Lexington Collection 5 Blade Power Razor

    Lexington Collection 5 Blade Power Razor

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