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The Lexington Collection Razor is our most technologically advanced manual razor. Featuring Flexball technology that responds to facial contours, it pivots in multiple directions for maximum contact with the skin. The result is a cleaner, closer shave with fewer strokes. Its exclusive design is inspired by our first location on Lexington Avenue.


  • Flexball helps enable 23% closer contact to skin for a smoother shaving experience (as compared to ProGlide® razor handle without Flexball
  • Distinctive black satin finish with chrome plated accents over zinc.
  • 1.57 L x 5.9 H, 56 grams


  • Flexball Handle Technology makes maximum contact and responds to contours and gets virtually every hair.
  • Enhanced Lubrastrip with more lubricants and a touch of mineral oil.
  • Ergonomically designed handle for increased precision and control.


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May 07, 2014
Let's hope this product will bring forth the laser razor from the movie, Pandorum.
Lexington Collection Razor wirh Flexball Technology A++++
February 04, 2015
Location:  Burleson, TX
This was my first time to use a pivoting razor and my goodness was the Lexington Collection Razor the perfect choice to be my first! The Felexball technology allows the razor to effortlessly glide to every contour on my face. Compared to any other razor that I have ever used the Lexington hits it out of the park. I can honestly say that I will never use another razor again. If you are wanting to try a pivoting razor I suggest the Lexington Collection Razor with Flexball Technology be your first, I guarantee you it will not disappoint.
Best Shave Ever
February 04, 2015
Location:  Garden City, NY
The first look of the razor reminds me of my father's safety razor that you could adjust from the bottom. This one was much better as it has the most advanced razor on top. With the track ball, you get every curve and contour on the first pass. And with the feel of the razor in your hand, your shaving routine feels first class. Upgrade your morning routine by upgrading your razor!!!
Lexington Razor
February 04, 2015
Location:  Sand Lake, MI
I will have to say this was one of the best razors I have used, I have never had a closer shave. My wife constantly comments on how it always appears I have a five o'clock shadow even after shaving, but after using this razor she was shocked and told me this is the first time she has seen me with a clean shave. I was very happy with the razor and think I will continue using this in the future. The likelihood of razor burn and razor cuts are diminished when using this razor.
  • Lexington Collection 5 Blade Razor

    Lexington Collection 5 Blade Razor

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    Special Offer
    Includes Lexington Collection Razor Guide