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The Lexington Collection Razor is our most technologically advanced manual razor. Featuring Flexball technology that responds to facial contours, it pivots in multiple directions for maximum contact with the skin. The result is a cleaner, closer shave with fewer strokes. Its exclusive design is inspired by our first location on Lexington Avenue.


  • Flexball helps enable 23% closer contact to skin for a smoother shaving experience (as compared to ProGlide® razor handle without Flexball
  • Distinctive black satin finish with chrome plated accents over zinc.
  • 1.57 L x 5.9 H, 56 grams


  • Flexball Handle Technology makes maximum contact and responds to contours and gets virtually every hair.
  • Enhanced Lubrastrip with more lubricants and a touch of mineral oil.
  • Ergonomically designed handle for increased precision and control.


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Cartridge vs double edge
August 28, 2015
Location:  Norfolk
Age:  Over65
I tried using a double edge razor because of all the reviews I read and the videos on you tube. No matter what I tried I have never had a shave as close and comfortable with any razor as the shave I consistently get with the " Lexington " and Gillette fusion pro glide cartridges. My beard grows at different angles all over my face and this system is superior to anything I have tried.
Little difference from Over the counter
August 02, 2015
Location:  Portland, Oregon
Age:  45to54
While this technology works well, the lexington razor handle offers little more than what you get with a $12.00 Gillette over the counter handle. The Gillette OTC handle is metal, slightly heavier than the lexington, and includes rubber grips to improve handling when the razor is wet. The major disappointments with the lexington is that they use the same cheesy plastic orange flexball, and they include prominent branding along the bottom of the razor. For 10 times the price of the OTC version, I expected higher end materials throughout the entire razor, and understated branding. This is all apparent in the photos, however this item was a gift from my wife (she's equally disappointed in the lack of quality in the product).
The Lexington Collection Razor - A Quality and Stylish Product
February 04, 2015
Location:  North Brunswick, NJ
The Lexington Collection Razor which comes with the The Art of Shaving® Lexington Gift Set is absolutely beautiful. The razor is a Gillette® Flexball™ razor blade attached to an awesome razor handle with a distinctive black satin finish with chrome plated accents over zinc. The best part of this gift set has got to be the razor. I knew right away that I had a quality product once I picked up the razor! The razor has a nice weight to it which I find helps with the handling. I can't really say much for the razor blade since it's a Gillette® Fusion® ProGlide® blade. If you have ever shaved with a Gillette® blade, you know you'll be getting a nice close shave. My only critique of this razor is the orange from the Gillette® Flexball™. Although orange goes well with the black, it somewhat "cheapens" the look of this awesome razor handle. I just wish that they had made it a chrome or zinc finish to make it even more sleek.
Easy to Handle Razor
February 04, 2015
Location:  East Rutherford, NJ
The Flexball had me a bit skeptical as it seemed it could be more of a marketing gimmick than an actually beneficial technology in the the razor's handle, but I'm glad to say this was still not the case. I've used a similar razor previously and this one had some improvements on that technology, like a better grip and sturdier build. I can't say I loved the blades it included but simply pairing the razor with blades of my preference will result in a win.
  • Lexington Collection 5 Blade Razor

    Lexington Collection 5 Blade Razor

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    Special Offer
    Includes Lexington Collection Razor Guide