Limited Edition R106 Short Black Safety Razor Limited Edition R106 Short Black Safety Razor

Limited Edition R106 Short Black Safety Razor

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Product Description: The Art of Shaving Black Short Handle Safety Razor by Mühle of Germany is as timeless as it is functional. The short handle fits comfortably in the hand to help maintain control during the shave. The black polyester handle is sleek and sophisticated and pairs nicely with our line of black shaving brushes as well as the Mühle safety razor stands. Please note, this product is not available for purchase in Illinois.

-Closed comb, double edged razor
-Black polyester and chrome plated handle
-Handle measures 3.75 inches in length

-Closed comb design is less aggressive than an open comb safety razor allowing for better control during shave.
-Double edged blade allows for use on both sides to help extend blade life.
-High quality chrome plated handle will help resist rust and wear well in a wet environment.

The Perfect Shave Awaits

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