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Power Shave Collection Power Shaving Brush Power Shave Collection Power Shaving Brush

Power Shave Collection Power Shaving Brush

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Product Description: The Power Shave Collection Power Brush, a first of its kind world-wide, lifts the beard with powered oscillations for a close and comfortable shave. Using advanced technology to modernize the wet shave tradition and enhance the lathering experience. The precise motion generates a rich warm lather to help soften and lift beard hair for a clean, close shave. Ergonomically designed with a micro-textured surface for style and grip, the handle is elegantly handcrafted in polished chrome with black lacquered accents. Our Fine badger hair brush is handmade, features soft white tips, and has greater hair density than a pure brush.

How to Use
- Wet the Shaving Brush with warm water
- Place a small amount of Shaving Cream in the center of the brush
- Lather up! - Press the power button once to start the oscillating motion, lather directly on the face using a circular motion
- To generate more lather, simply add more warm water to the shaving brush
- Some hairs may come loose during first uses – this is normal

Caring Instructions:
- Blue light blinks when battery power is low
- Rinse shaving brush with warm water to remove all shaving cream or soap
- Remove water from shaving brush by flicking or gently shaking the handle
- Hang the shaving brush head-down to dry, ideally on a brush stand
- Do not twist or pull on badger hairs
- Automatic Shut-off turns brush off after about 2 minutes in case of accidental activation.




Acheive: The Perfect Shave Awaits

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