Power Shave Collection Shaving Brush Power Shave Collection Shaving Brush

Power Shave Collection Shaving Brush

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Product Description: The Power Shave Collection Power Brush, a first of its kind world-wide, lifts the beard with powered oscillations for a close and comfortable shave. Using advanced technology to modernize the wet shave tradition and enhance the lathering experience. The precise motion generates a rich warm lather to help soften and lift beard hair for a clean, close shave. Ergonomically designed with a micro-textured surface for style and grip, the handle is elegantly handcrafted in polished chrome with black lacquered accents.

How to Use
- Wet the Shaving Brush with warm water
- Place a small amount of Shaving Cream in the center of the brush
- Lather up! - Press the power button once to start the oscillating motion, lather directly on the face using a circular motion
- To generate more lather, simply add more warm water to the shaving brush
- Some hairs may come loose during first uses this is normal

Caring Instructions:
- Blue light blinks when battery power is low
- Rinse shaving brush with warm water to remove all shaving cream or soap
- Remove water from shaving brush by flicking or gently shaking the handle
- Hang the shaving brush head-down to dry, ideally on a brush stand
- Do not twist or pull on badger hairs
- Automatic Shut-off turns brush off after about 2 minutes in case of accidental activation.




The Perfect Shave Awaits

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