Sandalwood Body Soap Sandalwood Body Soap Sandalwood Body Soap

Sandalwood Body Soap

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Product Description: The Art of Shaving Body Soap generates a rich and foamy lather that will leave your body feeling smooth and clean. This moisturising body soap is formulated with glycerin, coconut oil and essential oils that will help condition skin while effectively removing dirt and oils. Expertly crafted to complement our aroma line, body soap is a perfect addition to a head to toe grooming solution.

Vegetable based formula with Glycerin, Coconut Oil and Palm Oil.
Blended Essential Oils.
Free from synthetic dyes and alcohol.

The formula contains glycerin, coconut oil and palm oil to help provide hydration and essential oils to help condition skin.
Expertly crafted essential oils deliver a pleasant aroma while cleaning.
Body soap effectively removes dirt and oil from the skin.

Potassium palmitate, sodium palmitate, potassium stearate, potassium palm kernelate, sodium stearate, sodium palm kernelate, glycerin, water, palm kernel acid, fragrance, lecithin, zea mays (corn) oil, cocos nucifera (coconut) oil, tocopheryl acetate, titanium dioxide, iron oxides
The Perfect Shave Awaits

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