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Interchangeable Blade Holder
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The Shavette Razor by Dovo of Germany is a great tool for straight razor beginners as well as the on-the-go traveler*. Made from light weight stainless steel, it displays a similar shape and feel to a straight razor. The red plastic insert holds a single disposable blade. This razor will never need to be stropped or honed and is an excellent tool for beginners and experts alike.


  • Stainless Steel with red plastic blade holder
  • Uses one half of a platinum coated doubled edged blade


  • Stainless steel wears well in a wet environment.
  • Platinum coated stainless steel blade can be changed as often as needed to maintain sharpness.



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Dovo straight razor
March 03, 2016
Location:  Dana point ,CA
The price of this Razor is high compared to other places that sell it. The plastic pieces that hold the razor are inconvenient, while shaving the blade never holds still and slips into the plastic piece also experienced the plastic piece sliding away from the holder itself. The plastic pieces never clip together (you can see the little plastic divits and small tabs to lock the blade do not lock the plastic piece shut and hold the blade) 5 dollars per plastic piece is a steep price. For the same price you can find beginner Razors with full kits else where.r