Small Hanging Razor Strop

Small Hanging Razor Strop

Item# 00670535680109

The Dovo Small Hanging Strop is recommended to help maintain the shave-ready sharpness of your straight razor. This two sided strop will help re-structure the cutting edge of your straight razor when naturally rounded or dulled from shaving.


  • Leather side composed of vegetable tanned* calf leather (sourced in Europe)
  • Fabric side composed of cotton webbing
  • Nickel-plated iron wire accents at top and bottom for hanging strop and holding taut.


  • Leather side helps re-structure the cutting edge of the blade to deliver a clean cut of the hair.
  • Fabric side can be used to remove debris or with a sharpening paste to renew the cutting edge of the blade.
  • Metal accents are sturdy and keep strop in place while stropping.
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