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The Art of Shaving Beard and Moustache Wax

The Art of Shaving Beard and Moustache Wax

Item# 00670535713517
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Product Description: The Art of Shaving s Moustache Wax by Golddachs of Hungary is specially produced for use on all types of beard and moustache hair. This traditional formula has now been updated with a light vanilla scent for today s discerning facial hair aficionado. Whether looking to smooth out an unruly full beard or shape the perfect moustache, this beard and moustache wax is ready for action.

How to Use:To use, apply a small amount of wax to two finger tips. Then twist and mold the moustache into the desired shape. For beard hair, apply a small amount of wax to the beard hair with your finger tips and comb through.

Beeswax and Paraffin
Light vanilla scent
Provides a brief history into each style.

Beeswax and Paraffin help to hold the desired facial hair style in place.
The light vanilla scent adds a pleasant aroma experience.

The Perfect Shave Awaits

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