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Theirs Issard Strop Paste Stick

Theirs Issard Strop Paste Stick

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Product Description: Theirs Issard Strop Paste is recommended to help maintain the shave-ready sharpness of your straight razor. Theirs Issard Strop Paste is a low grit greaseless paste used to keep the shardp edge of your straight razor to prolong blade sharpness. However, Strop Paste doesn't replace honing.

Features: Formulated using both Aluminum Oxide and Diamond Particles (cutting agents) Cutting agents are suspended within non-toxic paste in the tube in order to maintain sharpness for excellent grit and performance when used.

Benefits Thiers Issard Strop Paste helps renew the edge of the blade delivering a clean, close cut of the hair. Using strop paste regularly helps minimize the need to sharpen the blade(honing) as often.