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  • Sandalwood Full Size Kit with Pure Shaving Brush
    Special Offer
    Free 30ml Cologne with Full Size Kit purchase
  • Lexington Collection 5 Blade Razor

    Lexington Collection 5 Blade Razor

    (69 reviews)
    Special Offer
    Includes Lexington Collection Razor Guide
  • Merkur Safety Razor Blades (10 count)
  • After-Shave Mask

    After-Shave Mask

  • Unscented Alum Styptic Pen

    Unscented Alum Styptic Pen

  • Small Hanging Razor Strop

    Small Hanging Razor Strop

  • Horn Fine Shaving Brush

    Horn Fine Shaving Brush

  • Merkur Moustache Razor Blades (10 count)
8 Products
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