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The Art of Shaving Beard Brush by Kent of England promotes beard shine and smoothness.

Product Details

The Art of Shaving Beard Brush by Kent of England is a great addition to a head to toe grooming regimen. This handheld brush fits well in the palm of your hand for easy use. Made from pure boar bristle it helps distribute hair’s natural oils from root to tip promoting shine and increased smoothness of beard hair. The satin, cherry wood handle adds functionality and style to this classic hair brush. Suitable for all hair types.


  • Pure Boar Bristle (hand trimmed top, machine sown base)
  • Gloss sprayed satin wood back, cherry wood base
  • Curved handle for a comfortable grip
  • Suitable for all hair types


  • Pure boar bristle has microscopic scales that help grab the natural oils from the scalp and distribute them down the hair shaft to promote shine and smoothness
  • Hand trimmed boar bristle allows each bristle to be cut at a slightly different length, which creates an uneven surface to the brush. This enables it to penetrate hair perfectly, reaching deep down to the scalp
  • Gloss sprayed treatment helps protect wood and wears well over time

How to Use

Brush gently through beard hair on a daily basis.

To clean the Kent Brush: Regularly remove loose hair from the tufts by inserting a comb at the side of the brush and lifting the old hair away. Be careful not to scrape the brush back and forth over the top of the tufts as this can cause damage, especially to pure bristle. Wash occasionally using warm soapy water, but never use ammonia or harsh detergents. Submerge just the tufts (and not the brush back) and jiggle the brush to clean. Rinse in cold water, flick off surplus water, and gently wipe dry with a clean towel. Allow to dry naturally with the bristles facing down and away from sunlight, radiators, hairdryers, and any artificial heat.


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    Kent Bristle Brush