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Chrome Plated Handle
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The Moustache Razor by Merkur of Germany is a perfect tool for precision detailing of beards, moustaches and goatees. The compact design features a wedge shaped head with two blade width options for heightened accuracy when creating lines and detail. May also be used on sideburns and eyebrows.


  • Closed comb, double edged razor
  • Screw top head to change blades
  • Plated with a mixture of chrome, nickel and copper over zinc


  • Closed comb design is less aggressive than an open comb safety razor allowing for better control during the shave.
  • Double edge blade exposure allows for two width options for personalized detailing.
  • High quality chrome, nickel and copper plated handle will help resist rust and wear well in a wet environment.


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  • Chrome Moustache Razor

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