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Fusion ProGlide Power Cartridges (4 Count)



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Fusion ProGlide Power Cartridges are Gillette's most advanced blade ever. On the front, thinner, finer blades glide effortlessly with less tug and pull for incredible comfort. On the back, the re-designed Precision trimmer with improved blade allows you to trim sideburns easily, shave under the nose and shape facial hair. The box contains four cartridges which allows for up to four months of shaving.


  • Never run out of cartridges again. Subscribe to our replenishment service to have replacements razor blades delivered with complimentary shipping.
  • Gillette's finest and thinnest 5 blade cartridge for less tug and pull.
  • Enhanced Lubastrip for smooth glide.
  • Fits ALL Fusion razor handles.


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March 15, 2016
Location:  Chicago IL
I purchased soley because I thought I would receive the cool, retro-looking box shown and it would look nice with the $100 razor I purchased as a gift. Instead, I received 4 blades in the standard Gillette packaging. If the box shown on your web-site is not available, then have it removed.

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