Classic Horn 3 Blade Razor



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Natural Bovine Horn Handle
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The Classic Horn Razor is a distinctive razor. The natural horn has unique color variations with no two razors alike. This razor is properly weighted and balanced to help reduce pressure placed on the skin. The Mach 3 Turbo blade delivers a close, comfortable shave with three progressively set blades.


  • Natural bovine horn handle with nickel plated accents
  • Mid-weight handle
  • Mach 3 Turbo blade


  • Natural bovine horn has variations in color, with no two razors alike. Each piece is unique.
  • Base metal runs through center of horn handle adding more weight as compared to our compact razor.
  • Mach 3 Turbo blade uses three progressively set blades with anti-friction coating.


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  • Classic Horn 3 Blade Razor

    Classic Horn 3 Blade Razor