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The first double-edged or safety razors were manufactured in 1901 by Gillette. The Art of Shaving has continued the tradition of shaving with these types of razors by offering an elegant selection of safety razors, handmade by MERKUR in Solingen, Germany. The chrome plated safety razor has a straight comb, long sturdy handle shaped like a barber pole. We use the same high standards of quality and manufacturing as were used in 1901, and the best possible quality steel available today .


  • Closed comb, double edged razor
  • Twist top releases plate to load blade
  • Handle measures 3.875 in length. Razor total dimensions are 1.625 L x 1 W x 4.125 H. Razor weighs 60g


  • Closed comb design is less aggressive than an open comb safety razor allowing for better control during shave.
  • Twist top keeps blade in one set aggression with double blade exposure to help maximize the life of the blade.
  • High quality chrome plated handle will help resist rust and wear well in a wet environment.


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  • Single Knurl Safety Razor

    Single Knurl Safety Razor