Mach 3 Engraved Nickel Plated Shaving Set

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Engraved 3 Blade Razor

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Engraved Silvertip Shaving Brush

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Luxury Shaving Stand

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The Art of Shaving expertly designs, manufactures and handcrafts each Razor to ensure comfort and balance during the shaving process. Made from the finest materials, The Art of Shaving Razors are elegant, durable and are compatible with the most advanced blade technology available from The Gillette Company®.


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Timeless & Effective
July 11, 2011
Location:  Dallas, TX
Age:  25to34
I bought this set along with the other Art of Shaving products nearly 2 years ago. I must say that there are no other products that compare to the pre-shave oil and shave cream introduced by Art of Shaving (except for some European products). The brush has a great weight to it, making it a much better lathering process than that of the black, horn, or other brushes. Additionally, the weight of the razor makes for a much more even and balanced shave. Lastly, the stand is elegant and classy - representative of how you should look after using the Art of Shaving. Moreover, the engraving on both the brush and razor do serve a functional purpose as well as an aesthetic one (better grip). I highly recommend this shaving set and the products as well.
Love this shaving set!!
October 24, 2010
Location:  San Diego, CA
Age:  25to34
I've owned this set since Jan 2010 and use it two to three times a week. The silver tip badger brush is extremely soft and builds a wonderful lather with the shaving cream, this feels awesome when applied to the skin and makes for a very comfortable shave. The weight of the silver handle also feels very solid and functional in the hand when using the brush. The razor also has a very solid feeling, precise silver handle. I use the Gillette 3 blade system because it gives me the optimal balance between a quick shave and a good level of closeness/comfort when shaving. I have taken to cleaning the blade head in rubbing alcohol just after shaving, we have very hard water here and I get 3-4 shaves out of the blade before having to change the cartridge. Before using the rubbing alcohol, I was getting 2 shaves at best before having to change the blade. The silver stand is very handsome and stores the brush and razor well in between uses.
  • Mach 3 Engraved Nickel Plated Shaving Set