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Our stainless steel Implements are manufactured from highly durable, tempered* stainless steel. Featuring a matte satin finish, each piece is corrosion resistant. The Nail Clipper effectively trims nails for a neat, clean groomed appearance.


  • Tempered* Stainless Steel
  • Zip pouch for storage


  • Tempered* stainless steel maintains a sharp edge for optimal use over time. Resists corrosion.
  • Flip around clipping lever provides a comfortable grip and allows for easy storage.


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Nail Clippers that Don't Clip
December 26, 2016
Location:  Austin, TX
I was excited to receive these nail clippers as a part of a 3 piece set for Christmas. The first thing I noticed was that the curved handle was slightly too curved, which means that as you apply pressure to start clipping, your fingers slide down the clipper preventing you from getting the proper leverage. The second thing I noticed was that the clipper didn't clip my entire nail. There is a gap on one side of the clipper when compressed, so that it creases the nail and holds onto it but doesn't actually cut it. Basically 30% of the blade on the clipper doesn't work making these unusable. This is a shame because everything on this website looks like such great quality and I was really looking forward to using their products.
  • Nail Clipper

    Nail Clipper

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