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Lemon Essential Oil
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The Lemon Pre-Shave Oil is the first step of the Perfect Shave®. It softens the beard and prepares the skin for a close and comfortable shave without leaving an oily residue. It is formulated with a unique blend of botanical ingredients and essential oils and is suitable for all beard types.


  • Free from synthetic dyes and alcohol
  • Formulated with Olive and Castor oils


  • Pre-Shave Oil helps protect against irritation and razor burn by promoting razor glide and is suitable for all beard types.

How to Use

How to Use: Before shaving, rub a small amount of oil on your hands and massage into the beard. Lather up Shaving cream or soap on top of the oil and shave.


Ricinus Communis (Castor) Seed Oil, Olea Europaea (Olive) Fruit Oil, Citrus Limon (Lemon) Peel Oil, Water/Aqua, Citral, Limonene


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By far my favorite scent
July 30, 2015
Location:  Tonawanda, NY
By far my favorite scent, as I have used a large number of products in the past, this oil leaves a great feeling.
5 Star Product
July 30, 2015
Location:  Jeremiah, KY
I have coarse, black hair and the Lemon Pre-Shave Oil softens it perfectly for a close shave. It has helped dramatically with the ugly ingrown hairs. The Lemon smell is soft and subtle also.
Where Have You Been All My Life?
January 04, 2015
Location:  Jefferson, ME
I had never used a Pre-shave oil before I received the lemon scented pre-shave oil from The Art Of Shaving. The application seemed pretty straightforward just wet your face and apply. The pre-shave oil prepped my skin for shaving. The aroma was delightful and soothing. The oil allows the razor to slide across your skin without nicking or catching. After I used the oil I was addicted I won't shave without it in the future and I would recommend this product to anyone who wants a close clean shave.
The Art of Shaving Lemon Pre-Shave Oil Promotes a Smooth Shave
January 03, 2015
Location:  Elkhart, IN
I was recently able to sample the Lemon Scented Pre-Shave Oil from The Art of Shaving. I must begin by saying that this is not part of my normal shaving routine, as I usually just shave in the shower with just water and a standard razor. First things first, I found that the Pre-Shave Oil had a beautifully crafted bottle. I was worried that the oil would drip down the outside of the bottle and stain the cabinet I had it in, but as I finished pouring the oil, I noticed that the shape of the bottle's mouth was tapered precisely so that the oil wouldn't drip over the edge. As I finished dispensing what I needed, it regressed nicely back into the bottle without a single drip on the outside of the glass. As I applied it to my beard, I noticed that it was easy to apply, and that it was thick enough to stay put - it didn't drip down my face or run into my mouth or anything like that. The Lemon Aroma was very pleasant, and wasn't overwhelming like some other lemon products I have used. As for softening my beard, well, I don't really know how to measure that, but the shave was smooth and comfortable, so I will assume that it did its job in that regard. I found that the product truly felt like a luxurious, high-quality product. From the design of the bottle, the packaging and labeling, the pleasant Lemon Aroma, and the oil itself, everything about this demonstrated an effort towards producing a high-quality product. This was truly part of a shaving experience, and fitting of the brand name "The Art of Shaving".

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