Overdid It Last Night? How to Save your Skin by Blogger Saul Carrasco

Peppermint Skin Recovery

Had a little too much fun at the holiday party last night? Don’t sweat it—it happens to the best of us. But now it’s the morning after, and you’re trying your hardest to look as though it wasn’t you dancing on your desk and singing “Hotline Bling” six hours ago.

We know you’re tired, but resist the urge to skip out on your grooming routine—it can remove any grime left over from last night. To boost your skin’s appearance, start by cleansing the face and neck, and follow with a cold splash of water to help close pores. Next, apply a toner and a recovery serum, then apply your daily moisturizer, under eye cream, and sunscreen.

If your skin needs a little extra TLC, try using skincare products that contain revitalizing essential oils. The Art of Shaving, for example, has a new line of peppermint-infused skincare products that will leave you feeling refreshed and looking as good as new—no matter what happened the night before.

The Peppermint Facial Wash clears skin of dirt and pollution. Just create a lather with warm water, and massage the cleanser into the face and neck using gentle circular motions. Rinse off with warm water, then splash your face with cool water to help close your pores—a two-step move that will help prevent clogging and banish buildup of dirt or oil.

For those mornings after when you’re in need of some serious skin recovery, reach for the Peppermint Facial Scrub. Formulated with white kaolin clay and peppermint essential oils, this deep cleanser exfoliates and clears your skin of dead skin cells, unclogs pores, and helps fight fine lines and acne or shaving scarring. Bonus: The facial scrub can also help you get an extra-close shave, as it conditions and raises hair follicles before you start shaving and helps prevent irritation and razor burn. Holidays or not, it’s a must in your grooming arsenal.

While you can’t go back in time and skip the after-hours karaoke session, you can start the morning after with clean skin and, thanks to peppermint-infused products, an extra pep in your step.

Saul Carrasco, a Texas-born transplant now based in Los Angeles and New York City, is a men's fashion and lifestyle blogger. He captures the lifestyle of the new modern guy by providing daily inspirations from his experience in balancing busy, city life with a relaxed state of mind on his blog Trend Styled. Follow Saul’s international travel series by following the hashtag #WheredSaulGo on Instagram.

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