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In the earliest days of our bearded adventure, as the first flowers began to land themselves in our facial fur, little did we know how far behind the curve we were with men’s grooming.

As our friends and family began to witness our newfound love for growing our beards, it was gift giving that really opened our eyes to what it meant to take care of our hair. The Art of Shaving grooming products we received from those who were close to us really allowed us to step into a new realm of understanding what it takes to have a healthy and happy beard. One of the very first gifts we received from our parents was the shampoo and conditioner set from The Art of Shaving, and it wasn’t until that very moment that we realized all shampoos were most definitely not created equal.

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After we each used The Art of Shaving’s shampoo and conditioner for the first time, we both could not believe our eyes, and our beards! Past shampoos had stripped our beards of the oils that kept them healthy and for the first time, a product left our beards feeling refreshed, soft, and moisturized. We learned very quickly that head hair and beard hair are two very different rodeos, and the products to tame them, are very different as well. When using the beard wash from The Art of Shaving, it didn’t take more than a few moments to actually feel and smell the essential oils working away on our beard. So often we hear from men that complain of scratchy or coarse facial hair, along with itchy and dry skin beneath it all, but when you use this set, you soon will find out why that doesn’t have to be the case. shampoo and conditioner go together for a reason, and The Art of Shaving takes that a step above for beard care with a product that simply put, will be exactly what your beard needs.

Whether you have a beard, or know someone who does, the facial hair in your life will thank you for giving it the look and feel it deserves.

From our beards to yours,

Brian & Johnathan (The Gay Beards)

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