Photographer Eric Christian shares Holiday Guide

Photographer Eric Christian shares his holiday guide

This holiday season, I’m excited to partner up with The Art of Shaving and share some of my favorite grooming items. As of lately, I’ve kept my facial hair a little bit longer, and going into winter, I imagine I’ll be doing the same. However, before growing out, I sometimes like to shave down to start fresh. The Art of Shaving has all the supplies you need, whether you like to groom and maintain a beard or you go for the clean-shaven look. I’ll usually use a 5-blade razor for a nice smooth, clean cut. The pre-shave oil helps soften the beard and prepares the skin for a close and comfortable shave. And the after shave helps moisten skin and keep from any irruption that may occur, which is why I stopped shaving to start with. Additionally, The Art of Shaving carries some incredible soap, shampoos, and beard conditioners for any man’s need. They also have some great gift package ideas to give to that brother, father, boyfriend, friend with benefits, whomever it may be! So be sure to check out [The Art of Shaving] and get cleaned up this Holiday season.
Cheers, E.C.

Eric Christian is a photographer and blogger of Mr. Christian is compensated by The Art of Shaving for articles posted in this blog.