Fusion Chrome Collection Manual Shaving Set - Fine

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Fusion® Chrome Collection Fine Shaving Brush

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Fusion Chrome Collection Shaving Razor and Brush Stand

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The Fusion Chrome Collection shaving sets are an exceptional blend of style and performance, handcrafted in polished chrome, sleek and contemporary. The Razor and Shaving Brush handles—perfectly balanced, with a micro-textured grip surface—are an ideal combination of ergonomics and innovative design. The Shaving Stands serve as an elegant display for either the Fusion Chrome Manual Razor or Power Razor and Shaving Brush, efficiently draining water away and maintaining handles properly between each use.


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Nice brush and stand. Poor quality razor
January 31, 2012
Location:  Wynnewood, PA
Age:  35to44
This is a very nice brush and stand, but the razor is of extremely poor quality. As mentioned in my review of the razor itself, this razor has a light plastic handle with poorly applied foil-like chrome plating. The lack of heft detracts from the overall feel of the razor. The chrome plating has a tendency to separate from the underlying plastic and flake/peel off. Art of Shaving was very good about replacing the razor when this first happened, but there was similar peeling of the replacement razor handle within 2-3 months. I ended up replacing this with the nickle plated 5 blade razor which is of much superior quality.