Power Shave Collection Shaving Set - Fine

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Power Shave Collection 5 Blade Razor

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Power Shave Collection Customizable Stand

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Power Shave Collection Fine Shaving Brush

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Power Shave Collection Manual Brush Hook

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Power Shave Collection features advanced shaving instruments that combine high performance design and powered motion for optimal shaving results. The Power Brush, a first of its kind world-wide, lifts the beard with powered oscillations for a close and comfortable shave. The power razor is handcrafted in polished chrome and ergonomically designed to feel like a natural extension of your hand. Completing the collection, the Customizable Stand with a modern, modular design, adjusting easily to your storage and display needs.


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A fine power shaving collection
June 15, 2012
Location:  Atlanta, GA
Age:  35to44
In all honesty, I was somewhat skeptical when considering this shaving set. The reality is that you can purchase a standard set for much less and achieve a similar shave using comparable shaving products. Functionally speaking power shaving is slightly better than a traditional cartridge; just don't expect this to be your holy grail. That being said when I received a generous AOS coupon in the mail and saw this set on sale, I decided to pull the trigger. Under $300.00 after taxes for all three components was expensive, but it makes for a great Father's Day gift. From an engineering perspective all three components are well manufactured. The threading is well done and I do not foresee the possibility of cross threading unless someone is intentionally trying to damage a piece. Weighing in at 1lb 5oz the stand is solid, heavy and very chrome. It is susceptible the occasional water spot, which will require a quick wipe down every now and then. Believe it or not I was very surprised with the weight of the razor handle. It tipped the scales at 2 ¼ oz, a little on the light side, but it’s growing on me. The fit and finish is superb and the handle seals very well. However, I would like to see more depth on the micro texture accents for improved grip. If you are using your hands to apply shaving lotion/gel, be sure to dry them off with a towel before touching the handle. Shaving lube and chrome makes a great recipe for a slippery experience. The light and cartridge use indicator are features one should expect at this price point. They perform their purpose as expected. The brush weighs in at 6 ¾ oz, it is nice and heavy with the same quality finish as the razor and stand. The oscillations really improve the speed of achieving a proper lather. Just be mindful that this set is battery powered, so keep a few back-ups close by. In summary, this is a fine shaving set. Luxury often commands a hefty price and this set is no exception. It is however a quality product that I am sure will be appreciated for many years to come. Just shop around for the best price possible and I am sure you will be as happy with the aesthetics, functionality and performance of the Power Shave Collection as I am.
Gramps would be jealous
April 07, 2013
Location:  Salt Lake City, UT
Age:  25to34
First things first...AOS is the only company that I could find that makes a battery operated shaving brush. This combo makes it much faster to create a lather, whether its used on your palm or at the bottom of a mug. Brushing in an upward motion or against the grain on your face will be the best use of this brush as it will lift up the hairs on your face. The "fine" tip brush is much more dense and tends to cover more surface area than the "pure" tip brush. Again you get what you pay for here...I found this brush on eBay for $125 and the razor on Amazon for $166 totaling at $291 (savings of $74). I didn't want to get the chrome stand as I am accustomed to just throwing my razor and brush into my trusty black Muhle shaving mug. Which by the way, compliments the black and chrome very nicely on these two items and doesn't show any water spots. Yes, it's AAA battery operated...which can cause some long term financial grief...and at this price you would think why not have rechargeable batteries?--but I have used a rechargeable Braun toothbrush now for just over 10 years and I can tell a difference with the power output back then and now. I would much rather fork out the money to have that "new" power charge each time I shave. Plus, this way it's more portable as you don't need to rely on an outlet when traveling. I've found that AOS shaving soaps/creams are a little steep in price. A suggestion is to use a goats milk based shaving soap as this will act as both a wonderful shave soap and an after shave. If your face and heart are set on using a shaving cream, the "TOBS" brand is normally about $10 cheaper and they have more variety of fragrances. The lights and indicators on the razor don't really impress me...if anything they use up more of the battery life faster. I usually look at the razor strip and decide for myself if I need to switch it out or not. As far as the actual razor itself, I've used both a straight, safety, and other previous generations of Gillette razors and this is by far the best product. You can save money by using a straight razor and stropping the blade, but the time it consumes in the morning isn't worth it for me. Time is money. Overall, these two products combine for the best shave ever! You have to convince yourself that this is going to be a great shave for years to come to get over the high price...but just shop around online and you should find some great deals...again eBay and Amazon are your top two bookmarks here.
  • Power Shave Collection Shaving Set - Fine