Black Silvertip Turnback Shaving Brush



Handle Color
Black Acrylic Handle
Shaving Brush Grade
Silvertip Badger Hair
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The Silvertip Black Turnback Shaving Brush is an essential key to achieving The Perfect Shave®. It generates a rich warm lather by retaining warm water to help soften the beard hair. Using a shaving brush to apply your shaving cream helps lift beard hair for a clean, close shave. A shaving brush also lightly exfoliates skin to help release trapped hairs.


  • Fine Badger Hair, featuring soft white tips
  • Brush head is handmade by an artisan
  • Has greater hair density than pure and fine shaving brushes
  • Black acrylic handle with The Art of Shaving brand logo


  • Generates a rich and warm lather by retaining warm water to help soften beard hair.
  • Application helps lifts the beard hair for a close shave.
  • Lightly exfoliates skin to help release trapped hairs.
  • Greater hair density per shaving brush means more warm water is retained by the badger hair. Also, more hairs create more movement and lift by the shaving brush.
  • Simple, black acrylic handle pairs well with most of The Art of Shaving razors. Will also fit in most razor stands* sold by The Art of Shaving.


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Silvertip Travel Brush
June 13, 2017
Location:  Colorado
This has been my main shaving brush for the past 8 years with approx. 1500 shaves. It has never dropped any bristles & I find it lathers very well. I also love the outer casing, as it keeps the brush tidy, protected & I can store it away easily in a draw etc without having it displayed on your vanity. Certainly perfect for travelling as designed. I highly recommend this product.
Absolute Trash
November 30, 2016
Location:  Olathe, KS
After having spent $260 on two of these over two years I was told that this item is only meant to last a very short time. This is the response I got for complaining that the brush is loosing bristles at an alarming rate. "My apologies. I just realized that you are referring to the travel brush. Unfortunately, the travel brush is meant to last for the duration of the travel kit. It is intended to be an introductory product as a "starter" kit. " I didn't buy a starter kit. I know nothing of a starter kit. Really surprised at this response.

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